We are NZs largest supplier of tooling board.

Also known as Chemiwood, Cibatool, Modelling Board or Modelling Plank .

Primarily used in the CNC machining enviroment, tooling boards are playing a greater part in the marine, aerospace, prototyping and prop building industries.

We source products from Europe, stocking sheets in 50, 75 & 100mm thicknesses.

Characteristics and Applications.

Tooling boards are consistent with no voids, uniform density and predictable processing characteristics. Small cell-sizes give excellent finished surface results straight from the tool, easily sealed and painted.

With the demands of tighter tolerances and reliable dimensional stability, tooling boards out-perform traditional materials.

The advantages of using tooling board materials lower total project costs to very reasonable levels. Tooling-boards are generally classified by density; encompassing a wide range of options, from medium-density foams to very dense, solid-plastic planks. This allows users to match materials to job requirements while controlling costs.

Faster CNC machine spindle speeds and material feed-rates are possible. Tooling boards are closed-cell making them virtually insensitive to humidity changes, with predictable thermal expansion characteristics.

Most polyurethane boards are temperature resistant to 60°C. Our Epoxy boards can be used for pre-preg carbon fibre production that can be processed repeatedly at 125°C, with very low thermal expansion, and good resistance to chemicals.

Common Applications:
Lay up tools for Composites, Pattern Making, Design Models, Props and Models, Prototype Machining, and Vacuum Forming Tooling.

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